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He sang soul standards, as well as original tunes, including "Goin' Back to Miami," "Get Down With It" and "No Rest for the Wicked." He drove from town to town behind the wheel of a baby-blue Cadillac, with his name painted on the side. "Blessed with a scorching, soulful voice and a flair for the theatrical," Leggett wrote, "he burned through everything he sang with an intensity that should have made him an international superstar. Cochran's records never became big hits, and life on the road took its toll. Cochran left school in the ninth grade and at various times was a garbage collector, roofer, furniture salesman and construction worker. Cochran seldom performed the song himself, especially after becoming enamored of the music of Redding, Brown and other Georgia-bred soul singers.Drugs and marital problems left him in despair and, by his own account, he once held a gun to his head, ready to pull the trigger. "I had gone from nothing to everything and was heading back to nothing." Except for occasional stage or television appearances, he largely abandoned his music career at 40 and turned to preaching. "If you don't want to get ecstatic, don't come to this church." Talvin Wayne Cochran was born May 10, 1939, in Thomaston, Ga. He began playing in bands in his mid-teens and by age 21 had written "Last Kiss," a teen tragedy song about a boy mourning the death of his girlfriend in a car wreck: Where, oh where, can my baby be? She's gone to heaven, so I've got to be good, So I can see my baby when I leave this world. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers and again in 1999 for Pearl Jam, reaching No. He played bass on some of Redding's early recordings.Having caused untold damage on islands such as Barbuda, and the Virgin Islands as a Category 5 hurricane.Irma also left more than a million people in Puerto Rico without power.For a few years in the 1960s and 1970s, one of the music world's most extraordinary showmen was a Georgia-born rhythm-and-blues singer named Wayne Cochran.

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When he was starting out, he worked mostly in black clubs, basing his flamboyant performing style on Brown's, including dance steps, clothing and histrionic near-collapses. His first marriage, to Inez Newton, ended in divorce.Cochran became a cult favorite and was an influence on Elvis Presley.

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